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An Axe To Grind by Ken Tamplin


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May 7, 2015 10:33:22 PM
Fantastic "solo" effort by Ken Tamplin. Livin' For My Lord and Straight Between the Eyes are the standout tracks in my opinion, though the whole album is great.
May 17, 2015 02:17:06 PM
I first discovered Ken Tamplin via his band Shout. Ken has one of those voices that was made for rock 'n roll. After the two Shout albums were released, I was hoping that Ken wasn't done with music. Then sometime in the early 1990's I would find his first solo album at a Christian bookstore. Like a lot of music from the early 90's, I first owned the cassette. It was another one of those tapes I kept in my truck and listened too all throughout high school.

The standout tracks in my opinion are the opening song, Livin' For My Lord and Straight Between the Eyes. Both are in your face metal. However Ken excels at more than just metal. Never Give Up is a great example of how he can handle melodic rock as well. Goin' Home showcases a more bluesy side of Ken.

Musically there are a lot of talented musicians that contributed their talents to this album. Just listen to the opening guitar on Goin' Home. Scott Van Zen just wails on his guitar, as does he on the instrumental Armageddon. Lanny Cordola (House of Lords) also shows up with a guitar in hand for a few of the short instrumentals such as Bouree In E Minor.

One of my favorite aspects of this album is the variety. One minute your face is being melted by some blazing guitar riff, then the next you find yourself listening to a bluesy rock tune, followed up by some light melodic rock. Ken has one of the best vocals in all of music that, period. I recently picked up a small lot of Ken's work on CD and I've bad a blast re-discovering some of his earlier work. I believe KMG Records re-released this album and his next solo album, Soul Survivor on a combo disc. If you want to add the original to your musical library, you may have to pay a few more bucks on the open secondary market. However you decide to buy this, it'll be well worth your money spent.

Never Give Up (5:15)

No kind of lady has ever made me feel the way that you do
I'm thinkin' maybe I can't help but feel
Just the way that you've wanted me to
and what kind of woman can give you so much
while she taken so little in return
and I know that there's nothing that's in your touch
that I could ever have earned

And you never give up on me
You're always by my side
No matter what the fight
Your love knows no pride

Big blue eyes that light up the sky
with an irresistible smile
and the smell in the air as you walk on by
Nothing could ever equal your style
You can charm all the cherries right off of the tree
Girl you've stolen my heart oh from me
Well I didn't mind 'cause I couldn't think of anyplace
I'd rather be

And you never give up....

I couldn't have asked the Lord to send a better friend
For better or worse through thick and thin
You're there 'til the end
There's a time in your life when you know that it's right
You don't need that word from the wise
Your heart lets you know it'll be alright
Hold on with all your might

And you never give up...

I couldn't have asked the Lord to send a better friend
For better or worse through thick and thin
You're there 'til the end

Copyright 1990 Ken Tamplin

#1Livin' for My Lord4:55
#2The Continuing Saga of Screwtape and Wormwood0:30
#3Goin' All the Way4:07
#4Never Give Up5:15
#5Music Box0:57
#6Not Alone3:52
#7Goin' Home5:26
#8Bouree in E Minor0:44
#9Straight Between the Eyes4:17
#10I Hear Cryin'4:50
#12Holding On/The Chase3:43
#13Take 'Em Back3:22
#14Believin' is the Hardest Part4:21
#15All the Things You Are7:17
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